Black Mattic signs branding deal with OOOG Clothing

Black Mattic has signed a deal with Atlanta-based clothing brand OOOG by designer Street Lotto.

OOOG-branded apparel will include track suits, shirts, caps, jackets and hoodies and will be sold both online and in retail stores worldwide.

Black Mattic signed a two-year deal and will be playing a supporting role in launching the brand's image on the international platform.

The dancehall recording artiste will work with OOOG to design and customise classic OOOG styles and create new styles to add to the OOOG product portfolio.

"Black Mattic's music has an infectious energy and authentic dancehall vibe" said Lotto. "It's more than evident he knows exactly what the people want. He's hard-working and consistent ... . It's a standard we align with. We see the grind and star power in Black Mattic, and so will the rest of the world."

"They made an effort to connect with his image," said Marcus Holmes, Black Mattic's international affairs brand manager. "It wasn't about sending emails. They made it clear they wanted to build a partnership with him. That's what sealed the deal with Black Mattic. It wasn't about him throwing on a OOOG brand and thinking people are going to just buy them."

The Waterhouse-based artiste said that "these kind of collaborations have become important for brands.

"They've also become important for artistes and served as another leg of support for musicians, besides the traditional physical sales of music or major record label backing," he said. "If you think about who is pushing the culture completely forward, it's musicians. We are able to touch so many people because they are listening to us, following us on social media and going to our concerts."

Black Mattic releases "Touch Visual"

Black Mattic has released the video for his song 'Touch', featuring popular dancer DaniiBoo.

The video was directed by Black Mattic and Icey Jace.

It was shot and edited by Icey Jace Film Factory. The video takes place in various locations in upper St Andrew, scenic routes in St Ann, and the Blue Hole attraction in Ocho Rios.

Back Mattic wanted to highlight the scenery in Jamaica so that the international viewers would be able to appreciate the video as well.

He wanted the video to be as colourful and as tropical as possible, so in addition to the scenery, the wardrobe depicted the same. He particularly felt that Blue Hole'was not getting the attention it should be receiving, so he decided to use it as a focal point in the video. Blue Hole has a breathtaking turquoise water with multiple swimming water holes, waterfalls, and more.

In keeping with the song, the video shows both characters not being able to stay away from each other amid the trouble between their families. The video shows the two main characters being followed as DaniiBoo ignored her brother's warning about hanging out with Black Mattic.

In one such scene, we see them running and hopping into their jeep and fleeing from her brother's crew, with ZJ Elektra playing a cameo as the driver. Additionally, the video plays on the emotions as excitement and suspense heighten as if we were trapped in a short story filled with romance, drama, and action.

The official music video is also available on YouTube (on Black Mattic's page).

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